White cod with posutice

White cod can be prepared in a variety of ways and combinations, and Alden has a recipe that includes traditional Istrian pasta – posutice – and Mantecato cod, a combination that is sure to delight your family and friends. The following ingredients are required to make this dish: red onion, sugar, seed oil, bread lace, and, of course, posutice. The first step in preparation is to cook the pasta in salted water. and drain it. Then you can begin preparing the dressing. In seed oil, fry red onions, sugar, and bread lace. When the onion has turned brown, pour it over the pasta and mix. Serve with your favorite fish specialty Mantecato. You can prepare kale as a side dish by first cooking it and then frying it in olive oil with garlic. Detailed norms for four people can be found at https://alden.hr/recept/posutice-s-bakalarom/ . Try preparing pousutice with white cod, and the high-quality Mantecato will provide a fantastic flavor and aroma. Enjoy your meal!