Traditional Alden flavors for unforgettable gastronomic delights

Very little effort and few ingredients are necessary for a tasty and nutritious meal. So, relax and be prepared for small tips that will make your meal completely irresistible.

Alden’s traditional flavors, as its loyal fans know, consist of cod spreads with different variants. Whether you prefer olives, green pepper, capers, or a classic taste – we have been offering only proven recipes for years that make every bite fascinatingly delicious.

It is best to combine our healthy cod spreads with simple dishes that are made quickly. Of course, one of the options is a well-known polenta, but there is always an irresistible sprinkle with cod as an excellent choice. Polenta in combination with cod can serve as an ideal option for breakfast because it is a nutritious meal that provides energy for the whole day. On the other hand, cod sprinkles will delight all lovers of homemade dough who love to spice up their snacks with a top-quality spread from North Sea fish. Cod goes perfectly with the sprinkles and can make any meal irresistibly delicious, which you will definitely try again and again after the first tasting.

Which one is your preferred option? Let us know