Tradition of making codfish

The importance of codfish, except in the daily diet and unique specialties, is also reflected in the tradition. In the area of Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner, it is impossible to bypass this delicious fish on the household table, but do you know how codfish got there?

On his voyage on a merchant ship, the Venetian nobleman Pier Querini encountered a strong storm. After the shipwreck, ending up in a lifeboat, the nobleman was taken far by the sea current – all the way the Lofoten Islands. The kind hosts had welcomed him and no less, served codfish.

At that time, Querini had started the cod trade, which then flourished in the 16th century, becoming primarily food for the poor. For that reason, but also because as a sign of rebellion against the former communism, codfish became a coastal area trademark.