Tips for purchasing the best cod

The holiday feast would be incomprehensible without the tradition of eating cod on white or red, which are also the most common ways of preparing this “stinky fish.” In Croatia, cod is typically purchased dried form, and Alden offers a few buying tips to ensure you get the real deal and not a forgery.

First and foremost, the Latin name Gadus morhua should be written on the package of frozen cod, as it is the only genuine cod worth purchasing. The fish should be at least 60 inches long with the fins facing up and without scales on the neck and belly. The skin should be rough, with a yellowish dorsal fin and dark spots here and there. Cod has a strong smell in general, but real cod smells strong but healthy, without the aroma of mold, which can indicate that the fish has not been properly dried.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to buy top-quality cod, and if you want to try something a little different for the upcoming holidays, Mantecato cod in various flavors is a great option that will delight you with its authentic taste.