The result of generations of true commitment

Dive into the list of Alden’s secrets in preparing cod of refined taste and top quality, and discover what lies behind perfection!

Alden’s cob products have been in production for many years through the family business, to ultimately become today’s delicacy brand with delicious products for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Alden’s cod production plant was opened in 1993, and its production and preparation have an ever-increasing impact. The long history only confirms the commitment, the experience, and the culinary mastery that has made Alden’s cod the most special fish product in Croatia’s market!

You should not only believe our words and our history – but see (and taste) for yourself why our cod spreads, with their original recipe, won over the hearts and stomachs of our customers and why our way of production made a well-deserved place in the gastronomic offer of almost any important celebrations.