The most delicious cod delicacies to complete the New Year’s Eve experience

The year 2020, the most unpredictable and full of challenges so far, is slowly coming to an end. We will welcome the New Year in the circle of those closest to us and hope for 2021 in which everything will return to the “old normal”, the one we know and love, and includes hours and hours of drinking coffee accompanied by long conversations. Although New Year’s Eve parties are more modest and involve fewer members, every party simply has to have delicious and good food (we all know that food attracts the guests). To make sure that you have served your guests the best possible dishes that will be talked about for days after the party, you can use Alden products, but also recipes. Cod production is a specialty of the Alden company, and in the offer you can find a top-quality ready-made fish specialty intended for delicious snacks and dishes, Bakalar Mantecato. Alden produces Bakalar Mantecato in the classic version, but also in three additional irresistible flavors – with green pepper, olives and capers. These products do not contain preservatives, additives or artificial colors, which further contributes to their refined taste and quality. The simplest way to prepare this cod involves toast bread which needs to be cut using a glass and then toasted in a toaster. The toasted bread is then coated with Mantecato cod of your choice and garnished with savory fillets, olives or fresh red onions. This simple but delicious dish is known as canapes, and is ideal as a snack with a glass of good wine or even champagne. Cod is an extremely diverse foodstuff that can be easily combined with other food products such as rice or even polenta. All the details about these combinations and recipes can be found at this link: . Try preparing cod dishes and pleasantly surprise your family or friends on New Year’s Eve, because “what is chosen with the heart is lovingly prepared.”