The magical flavors of Alden Bakalar on the holiday table

Preparations for the holidays are in full swing, and the holiday table, although a bit more modest this year, should still contain quality products. As part of a holiday lunch or dinner, you can also serve cod, which in addition to excellent taste, promotes relaxation and good mood because it contains amino acids necessary for the synthesis of happiness hormones. If you want to achieve such a relaxed atmosphere during your holiday feast, Alden Bakalar can make that happen. Alden is engaged in cod production but at the same time keeps in mind the long tradition of this foodstuff, while white cod is their specialty. Petar Banko, who founded Alden with his family, uses his knowledge and expertise as a chef, but above all his passion for cod to make the products, which they sucessfully positioned on the extremely competitive market of Northern Italy. A specific product that stands out  is Bakalar Mantecato in cans, which is made without additives and preservatives, and its expiration date  has been extended by the sterilization process. Mantecato cod is offered in different variants – cod with capers, with olives and green pepper. Dried cod is procured directly from a top-quality Norwegian dryer, and they also perform professional supervision of raw materials according to the highest standards from import, production to distribution. Petar Banko is also the president of the Association of Beekeepers Nektar, which brings together beekeepers, takes care of their interests and encourages cooperation. The association also deals with the protection of bees and the production of bee products such as honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly, which are healthy and indispensable in the diet of all ages. A jar of original and homemade Istrian honey would therefore be a great Christmas gift for tea lovers or even to boost immunity with propolis during the winter. If you want to enrich your holiday table with high quality dried or white cod, and at the same time support a Croatian product by buying, Alden Bakalar will satisfy the taste of every gourmet with its recipe and complete the holiday table and joy.