The history that hides behind the beloved cod

The one and only magnificent cod is a delicacy that can always be found on the holiday table and has become a tradition in certain regions of Croatia.The question that then arises is how did cod actually enter Croatina and other cultures and become a delicacy that many adore? Pietro Querini, a sailor and a cotton trader, is responsible for the discovery of cod to the rest of the world, including Croatia. He set sail from Crete on April 25, 1431, but when he crossed the English Channel, there was a terrible storm which damaged the ship so Querini and the surviving sailors continued the adventure in lifeboats. A still strong storm took them the northern part of Norway, more precisely to the Lofoten Islands, where the hosts offered them with what they had the most – stockvis fish or cod. Norway, together with the Lofoten Islands, is today known as the “home of cod fish”, and Querini returned to Venice, praising to his fellow citizens about the adventures he experienced in the Scandinavian countries. Those stories helped him sell out all the quantities of “wooden fish” he brought with him. It was from Venice that cod arrived in Croatia, more precisely in Dalmatia. This historical story, in addition to explaining the origins of cod, brings together a large number of cod lovers in the Quirini Club, which often bring the story to life through plays, but also the presentation of cod. Alden is, among other cod producers, also in the Quirini club , which can be viewed as a proof of passion and love that this company has for cod. In addition to producing quality white cod according to a famous family recipe, Alden adds a modern twist to the traditional recipe resulting in a premium ready-made fish specialty known as white cod Mantecato. You can taste Mantecato in as many as four flavors – classic, with green pepper, olives and capers, and each of these products is sterilized without the addition of preservatives, additives and artificial colors. The history of cod, which dates back to the 14th century is slightly woven into the products and business philosophy of Alden, whose first-class products you will endlessly and immensely enjoy.