The gastronomic magic of cod during the holidays

There are many ways of preparation and different recipes, but one fish is traditionally prepared in Dalmatia, Istria and Kvaren on Christmas Eve – cod. Although cod has an unattractive scent, this fish is rich in vitamin D, an excellent source of low-calorie protein and good omega-3 fatty acids. The most common ways of preparing this originally Norwegian fish for Christmas Eve are “white” often in combination with potatoes and “red” , which goes well with good wine, brandy and even vodka.

Cod, regardless of its foreign origin, has been consumed in Croatia for 500 years. The discovery of this fish is due to the merchant Pietro Querini, whose boat was struck by a terrible storm that took him to the northern part of Norway, to the Lofoten Islands, where he was hosted with  fish stockvis, or cod. Querini took this “wood fish” with him to Italy, and soon after, white cod began to be produced in Venice.

The recipe and the culture itself were soon adopted in Croatia, and this historical story gathers many members in the Querini Club, which often revive it through dofferent performances. Alden Bakalar is one of the cod producers in this prestigious club. Alden has been producing cod since 1990, and as a specialty of top quality and taste Bakalar Mantecato stands out in three variations – cod with capers, olives and green pepper. Alden also produces white cod, which is made according to a traditional recipe, while dried cod is delivered from a top-notch Norwegian dryer. Production, but also the business itself takes place according to the highest standards and quality criteria. With its products, Alden can brighten up the holidays, but also enrich and facilitate the preparation of the holiday feast.

Tradition is passed down from generation to generation, thus connecting the past and the present, and preparing cod on Christmas Eve is a tradition that should not be forgotten, because cod not only completes every dish with its extraordinary taste, but also gathers and connects the family on Christmas Eve around the holiday table.