Sprinkle every event with Mantecato spread

In case you didn’t already know, we’ll reveal one secret to you: cod is an ideal choice for a main course as well as an appetizer, and it’s especially delicious when shared with friends.

Mantecato spread with pepper is made from the highest quality cod, and it is especially diverse, providing extensive experimentation with many other recipes. Whether you opt for a quick appetizer, or as a snack next to the main course, crunchy snacks of toast with Mantecato will complete any enjoyment.

The recipe is more than simple. Bake slices of bread with a little olive oil, spread cod spread and season to taste. Mantecato spread is of top quality, but also of irresistible taste, so it can be said that your meal with this delicious spread is also a little health in just one bite.

Do not hesitate, enjoy this meal and let us know your impressions.