Secrets and curiosities of adored cod

Cod is perhaps one of the most well-known fish in the world, with many people eating and adoring it. Because this fish has been consumed for ages, it holds fascinating information and an interesting history that make us appreciate it even more. Here are some interesting facts about cod: 1. The discovery of cod after a shipwreck The shipwreck that Pietro Quirina encountered while crossing the English Channel “encouraged” him to discover cod. Quirina and the remaining seamen were swept to Norway by a fierce storm, where they were fed stock fish(cod). by the Norwegians Querini then returned to Venice, and the cod quickly spread over Italy, winning over fans from all over the world, including Croatia. 2. A gift from God Cod was considered a gift from God by sailors because catching it does not result in any losses, i.e. it is completely useable. Even fish bones soaked in sour milk are easy to stomach, and the cooked head and entrails make a great fertilizer. 3. Largest cod ever caught German Michael Eisele caught a cod 140 cm long and weighing 46 kg, which is the largest cod ever caught by a recreational fisherman. 4. Cod Lovers’ Association Recipes and the habit of eating and loving cod are promoted by the Croatian Cod Lovers Club. The club, which was founded 12 years ago and now has over 200 members from all over the world, and once a year they give a member a title of Knight of Cod. In order to pay homage to „his majesty cod“ in the best possible way, Alden makes cod on white Mantecato with great care and passion, keeping in mind the tradition and history of this adored fish.