POSUTICE – traditional Istrian pasta

Number of servings: 4

Posutice – traditional Istrian pasta 0,400 g
Red onion 0,400 g
Sugar 0,020 g
Seed oil 2 tablespoons
Bread lace

Cook pasta in salted water and then drain it.
Dressing: Fry red onion, sugar and bread lace on seed oil. When the onion turns golden brown, pour over pasta and mix. Serve with our ready prepared cod.

Side dish
Ingredients: Savoy cabbage, Olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic

Cook the cabbage in salted water and drain. Fry garlic in the frying pan or a cooking pot. When it turns golden brown add the cabbage and seasoning.
Serve as a side dish with posutice.

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