Quickly and easily serve a delicious meal with Alden cod spreads

Although cooking is an interesting and creative process, sometimes you want to prepare and serve a delicious dish that will win your loved ones and friends with minimal effort and without much time spent. An excellent choice for such dishes is Alden spread, cod Mantecato, which provides a wealth of flavors of premium cod. The reason for the phenomenal taste of Alden products lies in the fact that the method of production of Mantecato cod has not changed since the first day, both in composition and recipe. Bakalar Mantecato is made according to the original Istrian-Venetian recipe, which ensures top aromas and the quality of the spread. Alden offers Mantecato cod in four different flavors – classic, with olives, green pepper and capers, and each spread is produced without additional preservatives, additives and artificial colors. There are many culinary combinations in which cod Mantecato can be incorporated, but our favorites are certainly risotto or polenta with cod, cod with posutice and the simplest – canapes. Except for private purposes, Alden spreads are the perfect choice for catering if you need to prepare smaller but delicious snacks for a business or other event. Each of Alden’s products is a result of generational dedication and skill, but most of all love and passion for cod, so Mantecato spreads are no exception.