Quick and tasty specialties which you can combine cod spread

Cod spreads provide a variety of creative possibilities for delicious combinations and unforgettable snacks. Numerous spices, ingredients and interesting delicacies, combined with creamy cod spreads, can serve as an appetizer or addition to the main dish, and of course, as an appetizer after an aperitif or with a glass of wine.

Prepare for delicious suggestions with which you can combine Alden’s excellent cod spreads, but keep in mind that this text can trigger even the most demanding appetites.

What you are guaranteed to enjoy is a healthy combination of cod spread on toasted baguette, pre-spread with a clove of garlic, topped with olive oil and sprinkled with crushed paprika. This healthy dessert can be refreshed with chopped, fresh red peppers, and “on the side” you can also enjoy olives that will complete the dish. Yummy!

Crispy baked potatoes prepared in the oven with onions, with a topping of cod spread will ideally balance this super-intense and super-tasty dish, and for those with a braver stomach, we recommend a little salsa sauce in this combination.

If you are a fan of risotto, next time prepare it as you wish, add fresh cherry tomatoes and season the dish with a little lemon sauce – this ideal delicacy will be final with cod spread, which will further enrich these multitudes of flavors.

Of course, a quick option when unannounced, but dear guests may come to you, are crackers coated with fresh cod spread, with basil as a decoration, but also additional delicious sensations. If you are a fan of sour food, Alden’s creamy cod spreads go well with pickles, which you can serve with smoked cheese and almonds – as an appetizer, of course.

We wish you good meals!