Planning an enjoyment with your close ones? Meet the perfect delicacy!

Alden’s Mantecato cod spreads are really the first thought when somebody mentions a time spent with friends, alongside great food and even greater talks and laughs. When you start to prepare a plan, perhaps, to entertain your loved ones in the comfort of your home, you must especially prepare the delicacies you want all of you to enjoy. We have a perfect choice!

Whether you want to serve them with classic cod spread, or you want to spice it up with green pepper, caper, or olives – every flavor will relish your evening perfectly.

You can combine these spreads with real olives, crackers, almonds, or even fruit on the side if you want to make a truly unique, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing appetizer.

Tell us which flavor you would like to try the most, and most definitely share your experience of a lovely evening or afternoon with us on Facebook. We will be thrilled to know that Mantecato cod spreads made your meal an unforgettable one.