Our love for cod

The Banko family’s cod legacy has been passed down from generation to generation, and they continue to endeavor to preserve the traditional recipe and family riches. The narrative begins with Peter Bank, who, after returning from Germany with a wealth of culinary and catering skills, created the first delicatessen, where he served fish on white and other delicacies. The original Alden cod recipe quickly gained a following of devotees who wanted to use cod in their regular diet owing to its excellent taste and health benefits. Alden is one of Croatia’s most well-known white cod producers, and the procedure of producing the finished fish specialty cod Mantecato has been same since its beginnings. The dried cod is cooked after soaking for many hours, so sunflower and olive oil, salt, and other spices are added to the prepared and cleaned fillets, according to the original Istrian-Venetian recipe. We follow the strictest sanitary guidelines throughout the production process, and the result of our high production standards is an irresistible cod on white Mantecato in four variations: classic, with green pepper, capers, and olives. The formula and refined taste of our product, which is sterilized and prepared without preservatives, additives, or artificial colors, will delight the palette of any gourmet. Our motto, “Chosen by heart – prepared with love,” is intertwined into our enthusiasm and love for fish and Alden goods, which you will enjoy indefinitely!