About the cod

Cod is a Norwegian Sea fish...

its ideal living conditions are created by the mixing of the cold North Sea water and warm Gulf Stream.
Known also as the means of payment in the Age of the Vikings, who used it as essential food on their long sea voyages, dried cod has an important place in Norwegian fishing tradition.
Cod that is dried is mostly caught off the coast of northern Norway, around the Lofoten islands. At the time of spawning the adult cod, following the Gulf Stream, can be found in the waters around that Norwegian gem. The cod fishing has been woven into the tradition of the islands’ fishermen for centuries. But other people who live on the islands also participate in the processing of the cod, they clean and prepare the fish for drying.
Two to three months after being caught, the fish loses 80% of its weight, and as such it can be eaten even years after that.
Cod is still being sorted and graded manually and this skill is being passed on from generation to generation.
It all depends on the size which is determined according to the length, weight, colour of the skin and the shape of the fish.

The high grade dried cod has these characteristics:
– the natural shape of the body and open belly were preserved
– it has been properly cleaned before drying and there are no signs of bleeding
– there are no visible signs of hanging
– there are no negative effects of freezing
– there is no mold
– the skin is not damaged/entact and it has nice color.

Dried cods tied together in sheaves are kept in special storehouses and prepared for export.