Little secrets and curiosities about cod

When somenone mention the word cod, the first thing that come to mind are the winter holidays, the snow on Christmas Eve and the family gathered around the table. This traditional holiday food is well known to everyone, but it also hides many interesting things that make everyone who taste cod love it even more. Although cod is constantly present on the gastronomic scene, its history dates back to the 14th century. The man responsible for the disovery of cod to the rest of the world, includind Croatia, is Pietro Quirini, When Quirin crossed the La Manche a terrible shipwreck had happend due to a strong storm. Quirin and the surviving sailors boarded the evacuating boats,which where carried by the storm all the way to Norway, where the Norwegians hosted them with stock fish (cod). Querini then returned to Venice and the rest is of course history. Cod soon crossed the borders of Italy and won over many people with its excellent taste.

But what kind of fish is cod exactly and what areas does it inhabit? Cod is a fish from the Gadidae family that lives in cold seas. These are primarily seas in the North Atlantic, along the coasts of Norway, Iceland, Canada, Greenland and the Americas, the Polar Sea and the North Sea. Cod has a gray-brown color with dark spots, a white belly, an elongated large head and strong lower jaw. The appearance of cod can be the key when recognizing real an dried cod. Many say that real cod is recognized by its tail, which must be in the shape of a broom, and not in the shape of the letter “V”. All cods have an intense smell, but the real one smells strong but healthy, with no moldy aroma. A bad smell can mean that the fish is not well dried. Experts explain that real cod can be recognized by soaking in water. Real cod sinks, and the “copies” swell and float on the water. When it comes to the health properties of cod, many studies have shown that consuming fish that live in cold seas protects against cardiovascular disease and the onset of diabetes, and cod itself is rich in minerals and vitamins.

This food is so valued that in Croatia there is a Cod Lovers Club that deals with promoting the culture of eating cod and exchanging recipes for its preparation. It has more than 200 members from various countries, and once a year the awarde of Knight of Cod is given.

Cod is truly a fish of the world sea, which can be prepared according to numerous traditional and modern recipes. If you want to try fish of extraordinary taste that at the same time has an interesting history and hides many oddities, look no further than cod and Alden products.