Istria’s recipe that traveled and stayed into the hearts of Italians

Did you know that Croatia is not the only country that discovered the true delicacy worth of Alden’s cob spreads? Yes, this great product also found its way to many of the hearts of our neighbors – northern Italians completely fell in love with this Istria’s white cob.

This famous dried fish that originates from the northern seas, has been a part of our domestic, Istrian meals, for a long time, and it seems it is stuck here forever – today, we all know and love cob fish, while some expect it even as a mandatory choice in many households.

The story about how this cob made it to Italy originates from 1431, when Venetian trader Pietro Querini, after a storm and rough seas, found himself in Norway, where domestic gentle hosts greeted all survived sailors with what they had the most – codfish. When this sailor and trader returned to Venice, he sold all the dried fish he had brought with him and eventually cod then became familiar with Italian and then Croatian cuisine.

It is no wonder that cod stuck around for this long and became such a popular fish that many of us find quite irreplaceable – wouldn’t you agree?

Best believe, when you are tasting Alden cod spreads, you are not only enjoying a tasteful delicacy, but you are, in some ways, also experiencing exquisite bites with a long, rich history.