Healthy and a low calorie fish

Cod is an exceedingly healthy and low-calorie fish that is rich in many nutrients needed by the human body, in addition to being delicious and going well with a variety of other foods. Cod is a wonderful ally in the adoption of a healthy diet due to being on a diet for health or other personal reasons because of these qualities.

Cod consumption aids muscular development since it is high in protein and provides the body with appropriate energy. The lipids found in cod, on the other hand, are necessary fats like as omega-3 fatty acids, which have a favorable effect on health and help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. The caloric content of cod varies depending on whether it is dried or fresh, however 100 grams of cod has an average caloric value of 75 to 90 kcal, making it a low-calorie food. In addition to all of these nutrients, cod is high in phosphorus, calcium, iodine, and iron, as well as vitamins A and D, which are essential for optimal body growth and function.

Cod is a fantastic choice if you want to incorporate low-calorie fish in your diet that is also high in vital nutrients and compounds. Alden specialties are made with the best Norwegian cod, and we attempt to preserve the nutritional value of the fish during the manufacturing process to provide you with the ideal snack for a quick but healthy meal.