From tradition to innovation- prepare cod to your taste

Regardless of whether cod is prepared in a traditional way or according to a slightly more modern recipe, its flavor conquers each generation, and different recipes and cooking secrets of cod preparation are passed from generation to generation. One of the phenomenal feature of cod recipe is that they can be changed and adapted to the preferences of each of us, which at the same time stimulates our culinary creativity and results in a dish that best meets our palate. There are numerous variations of modern recipes for preparing cod, so sometimes it can be challenging to choose which of them to follow.To make your search easier, below we bring a few recipes that have won us over.

Did you know that you can prepare cod as a salad?All it takes for an extraordinarily delicious cod salad is to cook a cod fillet for 20 min, cool it and then slightly crush with your fingers. Then peel  whole potatoes and boile them in water in which cod was cooked (about 45 min).The cooled potatoes should then be cut into 1cm cubes and mixed with cod. Next, add sliced olives, onions, finely cut garlic, parsley and spices. Mix and voilà, a quick and simple dish with cod.

The recipe that particularly delighted us was the preparation of cod in the oven with vegetables.This recipe requires you to cut cod fillets into wider strips, salt them, pepper them and soak with lemon juice, then let them rest briefly. Roll the marinated fillets in flour and bake on oil on both sides. Cut the carrots and celery into sticks. Peel and halve the potatoes, cut the onions and broccoli. Arrange the cod in a refractic pan, distribute sliced vegetables over it, pour water and oil over it, add rosemary and bay leaf.Bake in an oven heated to 180°C for about 40 minutes. Pour wine during baking.When the cod is finished sprinkle with a mixture of parsley and garlic and serve.

Cod dumplings are a great appetizer or a side dish for rich dishes.To prepare this simple meal, first boil cod and clean it from the skin and bones. Cook the potatoes in salted water, peel them and mash. Finely chop the cod and mix it with potatoes, 4 eggs, chopped parsley and a little salt. Mix everything well and form dumplings, Fry the dumplings in a larger amount of oil until golden.

For the end, we saved the traditional way of preparation well known to everyone – cod in white. In order to make it easier for you to prepare and consume cod dishes, Alden produces cod on white according to the highest production and hygienic standards. In their offer, Alden has Bakalar Mantecato, a ready-made fish specialty of top quality that is produced in four flavors- classic, with green pepper, caper and olives.

You can easily use Mantecato cod in recipes that include cod on white and thus make zeh preparation easier and shorter.In order to inspire and encourage you to prepare cod dishes, you can find a couple of recipes that contain Cod Mantecato at the following link: Do not be afraid to prepare dishes with cod and enjoy the splendor of flavors that this fish provides!