For all lovers of spreads – irresistible Alden cod spreads

 Everyone can agree that a delicious spread and homemade bread make an unmissable combination that, in addition to aggravating hunger, can fill the palate with a variety of flavors. Although the preferences of spreads vary from person to person, by choosing cod spreads you can never go wrong. Although cod in Croatia is primarily used for the holidays, especially on Christmas Eve, the well-being of cod is so great that it should be found on our tables several times during the year. Spreads are the perfect way to consume cod more often or options for individuals who are not fans of dried cod. To make sure you consume quality cod spreads that are manufactured to the highest production standards, Alden spreads are the unmistakable choice. Alden’s assortment primarily includes white cod, in which not only experience is woven, but also the company’s passion for cod. As a specialty, there is also cod on white Mantecato, which you can try in four different flavors – classic, with green pepper, olives or capers. Bakalar Mantecato is a result of dedication and skills of many generations, as evidenced by the fact that the history of Alden and the Banko family itself dates back to Austria-Hungary. To fully enjoy the flavors of Alden cod spread, it is best served and eaten in combination with roasted and crispy bread or toast. But in addition to these classic combinations, cod spread can also be served on fried polenta cut into cubes or even crackers. The combinations are numerous, and it is up to you to choose your favorite and enjoy the extraordinary flavors of Alden spread.