Excellent local products made according to Istrian recipes – discover where you can find them

In Baderna near Poreč, there is a cod production of the Banko family, where you produce as much as one hundred tons of cod a year. At the beginning of last year, in addition to the production plant, a new delicatessen was opened – let’s find out what can be found in Baderna and which delicacies made of extremely tasty cod are there for many years.

In addition to fresh cod on white, customers can expect many variations of this fish from the North Sea – with olives, capers or green pepper, but also other Istrian products such as pasta, oil, wine and even cheese. What can surprise, but also especially delight visitors, is honey and honey products, which is another hobby of Alden’s owner, Petar Banko. Petar is the heir of a long tradition that lasts for several generations, which guarantees immense experience in making numerous products that adorn many local, but also tables of a wider geographical range.

Today, this family business is run by his daughter Danijela Banko Štokovac and son named Petar Banko. The father and son run the production, the daughter works in sales, and their product can be found on the shelves of the most famous Croatian retail chains, mostly Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia, and Zagreb, but also northern Italy, where white cod originates.

The store, due to dedication, experience and love of work, proved to be a complete success, and provided the opportunity for customers here to buy fresh cod directly from the plant. Especially during the holiday season, when before and during Christmas Eve cod is traditionally eaten in Istria and beyond, the Bako family plant works day and night, which on the one hand proves the commitment and love of customers for Alden’s sweet magic on a plate.

Visit the store at Baderna 11c, Poreč, every working day from 8 am to 3 pm, and its owners will do their best to present you with the most ideal choices that will make you come back here regularly.