Enjoy Easter delicacies with Alden cod!

Cod is a fish that is usually consumed on holidays that represent family reunion and togetherness, making it a perfect delicacy to prepare for Easter and, in particular, Good Friday. The Easter table is very important, and a lot of time and attention is invested into preparing the food in order to make the holiday table as attractive as possible and as full of tasty delicacies as possible. Easter brings out special foods that aren’t served very often, and the occasion is a great time to reconnect with family while also enjoying the food. Alden cod on white Mantecato is a great alternative for arranging a feast if you want to delight your loved ones with gastronomic specialties. In the spirit of Easter, the Banko family, working together and following family tradition, makes and sells Mantecato, a ready-to-eat fish delicacy available in four flavors: classic, green pepper, capers, and olives, and all without preservatives, additions, or artificial colors. Mantecato pairs well with a variety of foods, including vegetables, polenta, and traditional pastas like pljukanci, and the flavor of Mantecato fish is entirely up to you. Try the nutritious and aromatic cod on white Mantecato for a wonderful Easter and gourmet delights!