Deluxe packages

Cod is one of those products that has gained a cult status in the gastronomic offer of Istria. As cod is considered primarily a holiday dish, there is no better time to take advantage of its charms than in the upcoming holidays, in combination with other homemade products. Alden Bakalar offers the best products of local Istrian producers in special packages. You can delight your better half with a special Deluxe package for him or her. The package for her contains a wide range of quality Istrian products: sparkling wine “Šinjorina” by the Perušić family, homemade holiday pasta by Klara Marić, Alden cod in three flavors with olives, green pepper and capers, Vilma chocolate, natural honey soap made by Vesna Thiele, Extra virgin olive oil Beakovich and traditional gingerbread by Vilma desserts. In addition to supporting local Istrian producers, you can surprise your partner with a pleasant and romantic dinner made from selected package products and simply relax with a glass of sparkling wine. If you still do not know what to give as a Christmas present to your loved ones, Alden Bakalr receives orders for many other packages, such as packages of Istrian honey products. To embellish Christmas for your loved ones with an Alden Bakalar package contact Alden Bakalar on 052 462 024 or e-mail