Delicious dried cod: a perfect choice for winter

The winter holiday season is also prime baccalà season. Wintertime is a perfect period for you to try out delicious dried cod – a type of cod that has become an ingredient of many Mediterranean cuisines.

Alden’s original cod recipe is very popular in the Istrian region because of its special gastronomic offer. There are several different cod flavors you can enjoy; classic, with green pepper, with olives and with capers. Cod is an excellent and high-quality source of protein, and it is useful in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, so you can include it in your weekly meals, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to regularly have exquisite food at your table, such as dried cod.

You can choose among many options to combine Alden’s products – such as canapes, polenta, or classic risotto. This ingredient can be used in a variety of ways, and the quality production of Alden is the best choice for use in recipes.

Get cozy with your loved ones, enjoy the beauties of winter, and experience only the best of the best, which Alden offers for many decades.