Cod on white- tradition during Good Friday and Easter

Cod is traditionally prepared on the eve of holidays that symbolize family togetherness and warmth, and therefore it is the ideal fish to prepare for the upcoming Good Friday, which is marked by strict fasting,. Accordingly, one full meal (“until the personi s full” ) is consumed on that day, but this meal does not include meat. Cod on white is a great alternative that can be combined with other foods such as vegetables, polenta or traditional pasta such as pljukanci and prepare on Good Friday. In order to prepare a meal as delicious as possible with cod on white, Alden offers top-quality cod on white Mantecato.  Cod Mantecato is a ready-made fish specialty in which the passion and love of the Banko family for cod is woven. They produce and sell cod together, like a family, which is exactly in the spirit of the Easter holidays. Cod Mantecato can be tasted in four flavors; classic, with green pepper, caper and olives, and all products are sterilized without preservatives, additives and artificial colors. By fasting, we welcome Easter a holiday that is characterized by families gathering around the Easter table and enjoying various delicacies. It should be borne in mind that it is not the quantity of dishes on the Easter table that is important, but the quality of the selected ingredients used to prepare a small number of various dishes. Cod on white Mantecato with its extraordinary quality therefore fits perfectly into the Easter table, but also the preparation of meals on the eve of Easter, a holiday shrouded in family unity and reunion.