Cod fish soup

Cod soup is a simple and at the same time extremely nutritious and light dish that will delight every taster with its aroma and taste. Although we are mostly used to eating cod on the eve of the holidays, this fish, rich in numerous nutritional values, should be consumed more often in the daily diet and various dishes. Like any delicacy, cod goes well with a variety of dishes based on vegetables, cereals, legumes and many other foods. Cod fish soup has many variants that depend on the preferences and tastes of the individual and the ingredients available. You can use fresh or cod fillets to prepare cod soup, and if you feel creative and resourceful in the kitchen, you can also use an almost fish specialty with a top taste – Mantecato cod. Our favorite among all the recipes has just a few steps we decided to share with you and inspire your next lunch or dinner surrounded by family or friends. Cut the vegetables (except tomatoes and onions) into cubes. Fry the vegetables briefly in olive oil, pour over with water, add the tomato, onion and half of the parsley leaf and add salt and pepper. When the vegetables are al dente add the cod and pour over the cold water to cover the fish.Cook the fish for 10 minutes after the water boils. Remove the onion, tomato and parsley leaf from the soup, add salt and pepper if necessary. When serving, season the soup with olive oil and freshly chopped parsley leaves. Alden Bakalar wishes you Bon appetite!