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Irresistible Alden cod spreads Mantecato

The family company Alden is widely known for a specific and unique product called cod Mantecato. Cod on white Mantecato is a spread that combines the expertise and passion of the Banko family towards cod with an extraordinary taste that comes in four variants. If you prefer a traditional flavor that does not deviate from the traditonal origin of cod, the right choice is the classic Mantecato. This classic white cod will satisfy every palate, and like all Alden products, it is produced according to the highest hygienic and production standards, without additional preservatives, additives and artificial colors. The expiration date of  Mantecato cod spreads is extended by the sterilization process, thus ensuring safety for consumption. Alden also offers Mantecato spreads with a twist on the classic cod taste, which is achieved by adding three different ingredients; olives, green pepper or capers. In addition to enjoying its rich flavors by choosing Mantecato spreads, the cod used in the production of spreads has extremely favorable nutritional values. Cod is a rich source of protein, vitamins B3, B6 and B12 and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, so it plays a significant role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Olives are also rich in antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory effects, while green pepper protect against bacteria and viruses, cleanse the body of toxins and stimulate digestion. Inclusion of capers in the diet helps lower elevated blood glucose levels, and also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to affecting physical health, cod also has an effect on an individual’s mood because it contains amino acids that stimulate the secretion of happiness hormones, which elevates mood and promotes relaxation. Therefore, the combination of cod with olives, green pepper or capers makes Mantecato spreads a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal that you, your family or friends will enjoy.

The family tradition that connects Alden

It is said that tradition connects the past and the present, and gives guidelines for the future. Passing the tradition from generation to generation is of great importance in order to preserve the authenticity of a custom, story or even a particular product. Tradition is therefore extremely important for the company Alden, which through its products seeks to respect and preserve the tradition of cod production. This company has a very long history dating back to Austria-Hungary. The history of the company began with the Marzari family, who came to Istria from a small town Trambacche near Padua and who owned the building where today’s cod production plant is located. In the same building, the Banko family opened the famous restaurant “9. Septembar “where they prepares cod for their guests. Petar Banko, the current leader in cod production in Croatia and the son of an experienced caterer, went to Germany in the early 1970s for training. There he gained knowledge of running restaurants and experience in cooking and gastronomy, which is now woven into all Alden products. After returning from Germany, the Banko family opened the first retail store in Poreč, where, among other delicacies, they also prepared white cod. With its traditional and original recipe, the Banko family cod quickly won over the residents of Istria and thus took a significant place in the gastronomic offer of the region. Apart from the fact that Alden products can be found on the shelves of the most famous Croatian retail stores in Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia and Zagreb, the Banko family has expanded their business to the north of Italy, where they have easily launched their products, although the competition is extremely high. Based on the tradition of cod preparation, Petar Banko created a serious family business in which his daughter Danijela Banko Štokovac and a son  Petar Banko joined. With “cod in the genes”, Alden’s tradition began with one family, and continues with another.

Cod as an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet

The fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st century brings many advantages, but also disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is the lack of time caused by this lifestyle, which often results in an unbalanced diet that includes fast food, insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables, which in the long run harms the human body and health. This negative trend had a very small impact on the seaside climate, where “our ancestors” who lived there unknowingly laid the foundations of one of the healthiest and most commonly implemented diets, better known as the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is not really a revolutionary or a new trend in nutrition, just a way of eating that, in its basic principles, is a proper and balanced diet that provides the body with all the nutrients it needs. We often associate this type of diet with the adjectives a light but filling meal, healthy and of course varied. The Mediterranean diet is based on a number of principles that often differ from each other, but what experts agree on is regular consumption of fish and seafood (at least 2 times a week) and healthy fats in the form of extra virgin olive oil. Cod, which entered the Mediterranean table via Venice, also gained its rightful place in the Mediterranean diet. Cod is undoubtedly one of the better sources of protein due to its low energy value, and it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is rich in calcium, iodine, and iron, and has very few carbohydrates; 100 grams of cod contains only 80 calories. Therefore, cod is a great choice for all those who care about health and calories, and want to follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet. The fact that best shows that cod occupies an important place in the Mediterranean diet is that there is a special way of preparing cod not Mediterranean, using this fish in combination with potatoes.  If you are just getting acquainted with the Mediterranean diet and want to include cod in your Mediterranean menu or you are looking for extremely high quality and delicious cod, look no further than Alden. Alden offers a variety of cod products on the market, and it is up to you to choose the product according to your wishes and preferences. From white cod, classic dried cod or Mantecato cod , all products are made with extreme care and knowledge in order to satisfy the palate of every gourmet. Respecting the highest production standards, Alden also produces a special cod Mantecato, a ready-made fish specialty that you can taste in four variants: classic, with capers, green pepper or olives. Mantecato is a great choice if you want to increase the intake of cod and at the same time get all the nutritional value that this foodstuff has. Hippocrates once said, “Let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food,” and this proverb can be fully applied to a Mediterranean diet, which is extremely healthy and balanced. So let cod be your medicine, and Alden will take care of the rest.

For all lovers of spreads – irresistible Alden cod spreads

 Everyone can agree that a delicious spread and homemade bread make an unmissable combination that, in addition to aggravating hunger, can fill the palate with a variety of flavors. Although the preferences of spreads vary from person to person, by choosing cod spreads you can never go wrong. Although cod in Croatia is primarily used for the holidays, especially on Christmas Eve, the well-being of cod is so great that it should be found on our tables several times during the year. Spreads are the perfect way to consume cod more often or options for individuals who are not fans of dried cod. To make sure you consume quality cod spreads that are manufactured to the highest production standards, Alden spreads are the unmistakable choice. Alden’s assortment primarily includes white cod, in which not only experience is woven, but also the company’s passion for cod. As a specialty, there is also cod on white Mantecato, which you can try in four different flavors – classic, with green pepper, olives or capers. Bakalar Mantecato is a result of dedication and skills of many generations, as evidenced by the fact that the history of Alden and the Banko family itself dates back to Austria-Hungary. To fully enjoy the flavors of Alden cod spread, it is best served and eaten in combination with roasted and crispy bread or toast. But in addition to these classic combinations, cod spread can also be served on fried polenta cut into cubes or even crackers. The combinations are numerous, and it is up to you to choose your favorite and enjoy the extraordinary flavors of Alden spread.

The most delicious cod delicacies to complete the New Year’s Eve experience

The year 2020, the most unpredictable and full of challenges so far, is slowly coming to an end. We will welcome the New Year in the circle of those closest to us and hope for 2021 in which everything will return to the “old normal”, the one we know and love, and includes hours and hours of drinking coffee accompanied by long conversations. Although New Year’s Eve parties are more modest and involve fewer members, every party simply has to have delicious and good food (we all know that food attracts the guests). To make sure that you have served your guests the best possible dishes that will be talked about for days after the party, you can use Alden products, but also recipes. Cod production is a specialty of the Alden company, and in the offer you can find a top-quality ready-made fish specialty intended for delicious snacks and dishes, Bakalar Mantecato. Alden produces Bakalar Mantecato in the classic version, but also in three additional irresistible flavors – with green pepper, olives and capers. These products do not contain preservatives, additives or artificial colors, which further contributes to their refined taste and quality. The simplest way to prepare this cod involves toast bread which needs to be cut using a glass and then toasted in a toaster. The toasted bread is then coated with Mantecato cod of your choice and garnished with savory fillets, olives or fresh red onions. This simple but delicious dish is known as canapes, and is ideal as a snack with a glass of good wine or even champagne. Cod is an extremely diverse foodstuff that can be easily combined with other food products such as rice or even polenta. All the details about these combinations and recipes can be found at this link: . Try preparing cod dishes and pleasantly surprise your family or friends on New Year’s Eve, because “what is chosen with the heart is lovingly prepared.”

The gastronomic magic of cod during the holidays

There are many ways of preparation and different recipes, but one fish is traditionally prepared in Dalmatia, Istria and Kvaren on Christmas Eve – cod. Although cod has an unattractive scent, this fish is rich in vitamin D, an excellent source of low-calorie protein and good omega-3 fatty acids. The most common ways of preparing this originally Norwegian fish for Christmas Eve are “white” often in combination with potatoes and “red” , which goes well with good wine, brandy and even vodka.

Cod, regardless of its foreign origin, has been consumed in Croatia for 500 years. The discovery of this fish is due to the merchant Pietro Querini, whose boat was struck by a terrible storm that took him to the northern part of Norway, to the Lofoten Islands, where he was hosted with  fish stockvis, or cod. Querini took this “wood fish” with him to Italy, and soon after, white cod began to be produced in Venice.

The recipe and the culture itself were soon adopted in Croatia, and this historical story gathers many members in the Querini Club, which often revive it through dofferent performances. Alden Bakalar is one of the cod producers in this prestigious club. Alden has been producing cod since 1990, and as a specialty of top quality and taste Bakalar Mantecato stands out in three variations – cod with capers, olives and green pepper. Alden also produces white cod, which is made according to a traditional recipe, while dried cod is delivered from a top-notch Norwegian dryer. Production, but also the business itself takes place according to the highest standards and quality criteria. With its products, Alden can brighten up the holidays, but also enrich and facilitate the preparation of the holiday feast.

Tradition is passed down from generation to generation, thus connecting the past and the present, and preparing cod on Christmas Eve is a tradition that should not be forgotten, because cod not only completes every dish with its extraordinary taste, but also gathers and connects the family on Christmas Eve around the holiday table.

The magical flavors of Alden Bakalar on the holiday table

Preparations for the holidays are in full swing, and the holiday table, although a bit more modest this year, should still contain quality products. As part of a holiday lunch or dinner, you can also serve cod, which in addition to excellent taste, promotes relaxation and good mood because it contains amino acids necessary for the synthesis of happiness hormones. If you want to achieve such a relaxed atmosphere during your holiday feast, Alden Bakalar can make that happen. Alden is engaged in cod production but at the same time keeps in mind the long tradition of this foodstuff, while white cod is their specialty. Petar Banko, who founded Alden with his family, uses his knowledge and expertise as a chef, but above all his passion for cod to make the products, which they sucessfully positioned on the extremely competitive market of Northern Italy. A specific product that stands out  is Bakalar Mantecato in cans, which is made without additives and preservatives, and its expiration date  has been extended by the sterilization process. Mantecato cod is offered in different variants – cod with capers, with olives and green pepper. Dried cod is procured directly from a top-quality Norwegian dryer, and they also perform professional supervision of raw materials according to the highest standards from import, production to distribution. Petar Banko is also the president of the Association of Beekeepers Nektar, which brings together beekeepers, takes care of their interests and encourages cooperation. The association also deals with the protection of bees and the production of bee products such as honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly, which are healthy and indispensable in the diet of all ages. A jar of original and homemade Istrian honey would therefore be a great Christmas gift for tea lovers or even to boost immunity with propolis during the winter. If you want to enrich your holiday table with high quality dried or white cod, and at the same time support a Croatian product by buying, Alden Bakalar will satisfy the taste of every gourmet with its recipe and complete the holiday table and joy.

Deluxe packages

Cod is one of those products that has gained a cult status in the gastronomic offer of Istria. As cod is considered primarily a holiday dish, there is no better time to take advantage of its charms than in the upcoming holidays, in combination with other homemade products. Alden Bakalar offers the best products of local Istrian producers in special packages. You can delight your better half with a special Deluxe package for him or her. The package for her contains a wide range of quality Istrian products: sparkling wine “Šinjorina” by the Perušić family, homemade holiday pasta by Klara Marić, Alden cod in three flavors with olives, green pepper and capers, Vilma chocolate, natural honey soap made by Vesna Thiele, Extra virgin olive oil Beakovich and traditional gingerbread by Vilma desserts. In addition to supporting local Istrian producers, you can surprise your partner with a pleasant and romantic dinner made from selected package products and simply relax with a glass of sparkling wine. If you still do not know what to give as a Christmas present to your loved ones, Alden Bakalr receives orders for many other packages, such as packages of Istrian honey products. To embellish Christmas for your loved ones with an Alden Bakalar package contact Alden Bakalar on 052 462 024 or e-mail