Canapés with cod- miniature creations perfect for celebration

Celebratory occasions necessitate the preparation of tasty and alluring food that will not only please the guests but also the celebrant. Canapés with cod on white are a great way to prepare a quick dish that can serve as a snack or a stand-alone meal. To make a canapé, simply cut toast bread using a glass and toast the slices on a plate or in a toaster. The toasted slices are then topped with Alden cod, and garnished if desired (using salted fillets, olives, pieces of smoked sea bass or gilthead sea bream, fresh red onion). The richness of Alden cod Mantecato in four irresistible flavors – classic, with green pepper, capers, and olives – will provide a delicious aroma to your canapés that no one will be able to resist.