A long tradition of Alden Cod

The story of Alden Bakalara began with the Marzari family, who came to Istria from the small town of Trambacche near Padua and who owned the building in which today’s cod production plant is located. In the same building, the Banko family opened the famous restaurant “9. September ”where tehy prepared cod for their guests. After gaining experience in culinary and gastronomy in Germany, Petar Banko together with his family opened in Poreč the first delicatessen, where, among other delicacies, he also prepared white cod. Due to its extraordinary taste and quality, the Banko family cod soon became in demand in Poreč, and then beyond. Apart from the fact that Alden Bakalara products can be found on the shelves of the most famous Croatian retail chains, the Banko family has expanded their businesses even to the north of Italy, where they successfully launched their products. The knowledge and love of the Banko family for cod is woven into every Alden product, which in combination with the traditional and original recipe results in excellent cod specialties that will win everyone’s palate